10 years promoting values

"I invite you to come and share your time and join in the work we do with the children: it fills our hearts and we receive much more than we give," said the president of the Foundation, María José Maestu, who, together with the executive director Silvana Muñoz, welcomed in the seventh edition of the annual fundraising dinner.
The night began with the now traditional kermes of the Foundation. With the unconditional help of the volunteers, partners, friends and personalities of the sport and the show they went through the different games and then went to the central sector of the Darwin Space at the San Isidro Hippodrome, where volunteers Brenda Holtz and Horacio Tolosa They received with a beautiful tango dance.
After the first course, an institutional video was projected that covered the road traveled in these 10 years and reflected the actions that the Foundation carries out through the testimony of the protagonists of Rugby Without Borders: the boys and girls of the programs of "Young Leaders".

Difficult matches
"We are a great team that needs each one of us and today we have a great challenge: to be protagonists and agents of change in order to get out together of this great moral crisis that crosses us," said the founder of Rugby Without Borders, Juan Bautista Segonds who also highlighted the importance of the role of women in the last years of the Foundation.
He also announced that, before the end of the year, the Foundation will carry out a new high-impact action: a party that will aim to "unite in our country all the people we want to live in harmony and in Peace."
Finally, Juan Bautista distinguished on behalf of the entire team Hernán Rojas, coordinator of the Young Leaders in Formosa program and one of the Foundation's main pillars from the first days:
"In these 10 years, what I really did was receive, receive and receive. And we, those of us who play rugby, like hard games. And that is the match I want to play, but not only, but with all of you. So we are going for a country and a better world "expressed Hernán, in one of the most emotional moments of the night.

The values ​​are practiced.
For his part, the vice president and co-founder of Rugby Without Borders, Gustavo Zerbino said, with the warmth characteristic of his words, that "action is the only thing that produces results. And all this team puts their heart, time and love to be every day the best expression of oneself "and, accompanied by two of their children, Lucas and Lupe (who live in our country) expressed the need that Argentina and Uruguay work together to build a bigger future.
And he ended by presenting the second distinction of the night, "today we want to pay homage to a friend, a brother, a rugby player, who is our dear Julián Weich".
"From Rugby Without Borders I learned that values ​​are practiced and I take care not only to practice them, but that others practice them", ended the driver and communicator who is recognized for his great commitment to solidarity.
After a fun musical bingo, the Foundation closed an unforgettable night with the presentation of "The Perez García" and all the energy of a team that demonstrates day by day that there are no impossible ones.
"Ñanchek" (Thank you).
The Rugby Sin Fronteras team wants to thank the companies and entities that made this possible with their contribution. To the municipalities of Vicente López and San Isidro and to the companies: National Shipping SA, Endeavor Patagonia, Investi and Brisa.

Translated by Google.