A journey of inspiration to change your own reality

Days of training values, tours around the city, a practice with the Jaguares professional franchise, and a meeting with the Viceroys Rugby Club were part of an emotional and meaningful tour where the values of rugby and teamwork were experienced to the fullest extent.

The visiting delegation made up of U18 players and First Division stayed at the facilities of the National Sports Development Center (CeNaDe) during March 14-18, 2018 and started with an intense activity coordinated by Juan Bautista Segonds, founder of Rugby Without Borders and a expert in teamwork.

Welcome to our family
"We want to represent Rugby Without Borders and the campaign I Respect by helping more and more kids get out of drugs and continue growing through rugby", said "Rana", sub captain of the first division team, after having lived a day full of emotions and where the players made the commitment to wear the Rugby Without Borders shirt both on the pitch and in their lives, putting the values of respect, effort, solidarity, teamwork and joining as new members of this great family.
"We are a big family and the only interest we have is that you are part of it. The purpose of Rugby Without Borders is to inspire people so that they can live better and be leaders and examples in their fields. To achieve this purpose, we need all of you.
Today rugby is the excuse that is bringing us together. Our Foundation was born with the idea of generating an encounter to be able to tell society that if we are a team and we commit ourselves by opening our hearts, everything will work much better"
expressed Juan Bautista who, through different game dynamics, made a strong emotional work with the boys emphasizing confidence, team communication, and openness of the heart to know oneself and others around.
After the activities and after a welcome round, each player made a commitment to receive the Foundation's clothing: "I want to thank you for the courage to open your heart and make a commitment, because we are a team. It is a joy to learn from you the ability to forgive and receive forgiveness" said the president of Rugby Without Borders, María José Maestu and concluded,"every time you have this shirt remember that you are not alone. Trust that they always have our support. We are the ones who have to change our lives and we are convinced that the players are capable of moving forward and forming a great club".
The boys received a bag with a sports set consisting of jacket, trousers, T-shirt, t-shirt, stockings and game shorts made by the team of Lions XV. In addition to mouth guards donated by the firm Silbatos Happening (Whistles Happening), and deodorants Axe that the Unilever company provided as a donation.
"This is our family's uniform and just like when you receive a jersey from Los Pumas, one knows what the represents and that it has to be honored. By being part of this family one understands our philosophy of life: always put your heart and be an example of how we can get ahead and be agents of change", concluded Juan Bautista.

A hug with its idols
On the second day of the tour, the boys participated in a Jaguares training and they were able to take pictures and greet their sports referents. On the occasion, Juan Bautista Segonds gave Jaguares captain, Pablo Matera, the shirt of the rugby for peace match, where we united Argentine and British veterans, highlighting the commitment of this team to carry the values of respect, humility and teamwork to the top of world rugby.
In the afternoon, and after having lunch at Mc Donalds, the children were received by the President of Banco Nación, Javier González Fraga and the directors of the Banco Nación Foundation, who support us in the development of this program.
"The contact with you is a very important issue and I'm excited to receive them. It is very important that Rugby Without Borders does this work, because it really provides new perspectives to many people who otherwise might not have had those opportunities" .
Next, the president of Rugby Without Borders, María José Maestu, thanked the Banco Nación Foundation for its commitment to this program and highlighted the children's interest in history during the tour of the National Bank Museum. In turn, Rafa, captain of the first division side, thanked everyone, on behalf of the entire team, to have this opportunity to continue growing.
After the activity, the boys toured downtown Buenos Aires, and once in the facilities of the Ce.Na.De closed the day with a rugby practice.

A surprise visit
The day started very early with a new rugby practice and with some superficial anxiety because of the match that was getting closer. After breakfast, we continued the tour around the city and visited the mythical stadiums of Boca Juniors and River Plate thanks to the efforts made by the River Plate Foundation and Boca Social to whom we deeply thanked for opening the doors to us.
During the day, we were thrilled with the film "Coco" at the Recoleta Village Cinemas that welcomed us with the good predisposition and solidarity that characterizes them, and allowed many of the Toba Qom Aboriginal community kids children to, for the first time ever, enter a cinema and watch a movie there.
In another of the surprises of the day, the renowned rugbier Serafin Dengra, approached the group to greet the children and passed his good vibes and motivation to them, before the children’s meeting at the Virreyes club, Serafin stated: "you have to be together, enjoy life, not only rugby, but also off the pitch, and if anyone has problems, help each other by being together. Being with you for me is like a test match. You guys are going forward, you have courage, you are thoroughbred".

A rugby encounter where respect was the winner
The main protagonists at the Virreyes Rugby Club that Saturday were undoubtedly, the values that we promote. And beyond the triumph of Qompi Rugby over the home side, the real result for which we worked so hard in Rugby Without Borders was fulfilled and is summarized in these post-match testimonies:

"There was a lot of respect on the field and my dream of being here was fulfilled. I want my team to go advance, to move forward, and despite that we made some mistakes, we worked it out respectfully. Many are trapped by addictions, but I tell the players to come to practice, to leave it aside, because rugby is more important, it brings you forward in your life". Rafa, Captain Qompi Rugby.

"We have this shield in our blood and we carry it in our hearts, we are from Formosa, and we know what we are worth. I'm very excited for the match we played today. Thanks to all of you for always accompanying me, supporting me in good times and bad times". Rana, sub captain of Qompi Rugby.

"What we learned we want to take back to Formosa and share it with all the kids so that they can continue learning and be able to escape vices, drugs and fulling around. I hope they can feel this and experience it by themselves. I am very proud to be here and be part of the Rugby Without Borders family". Luis, player of Qompi Rugby.

"I congratulate Virreyes Rugby because they hosted us very well and we played a good match, I am very happy for the shared match and always going forward and teaching the little ones". Mango, player Qompi Rugby.

"They played with passion, with dedication, and with respect, above all. We are not alone anymore, we are flying together with the great Rugby Without Borders team. We did not lose any color. The colors that we want. The color of the sun, of our hopes and our dreams of each sunrise. Let's go forward and with more strength". Hilario Camacho, president of Qompi Rugby.

"I saw them have fun, play with fierceness, power, dedication and enthusiasm. The truth is that this is life and that is rugby. This is just beginning and today a bag of commitments and joys is being taken to Formosa. I want you to enjoy each day, as you enjoyed today. You all have a wonderful opportunity but it depends on each of you, assume the responsibility and deliver results for your families and for your community". Hernán Gabriel Rojas, in charge of the Qompi program.

"I congratulate you all and I’d for you to take one thing from your visit to Buenos Aires, and that is, the courage to work as a team. They play very concentrated and aware of the rest of the team. Hilario and Mila - coaches - have to be proud of all the work they have been doing". María José Maestu, President Rugby Without Borders.

"One plays on the field in the same way that he/she proceeds in life, and watching you guys play generates a powerful emotion for those watching. I played rugby for 30 years and I assure you that I would have loved to have all of you on my team. You are a true example". Juan Bautista Segonds, founder of Rugby Without Borders.

"What I saw was a lot of team work, respect and education. I feel super proud to be working with you. In the same way that you conduct yourselves on the field, you will be conducting yourselves in life and you will achieve a lot if you keep using those values”. Silvana Muñoz, Executive Director Rugby Without Borders.

"We take a bag of commitments and I am content and happy to be committed and carry this bag. I choose to be here and thanks to the Foundation we can live this adventure. It is true, we have to return to reality, but we return in a different way, with a soulful push and eager to change our reality and become strong and have our club. Rugby is built with passion, with friendship, with good examples and today you are accompanying us so that we have these tools so that Qompi club achieves its objectives". Mila, coach Qompi Rugby.

"All the sporting gear that we put together for you were and are made with lots of passion and we are very proud that they can wear our brand. I was thrilled to play with you and excited to see the passion you have. If we apply that in life, we cannot go wrong in anything". Víctor Fernández Juvé, owner of Lions XV.

"The emotion they generate is incredible and there is nothing stronger than emotion. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart". Ricardo Elías, Rugby Without Borders partner.

"They grew a lot in the game since I last saw them. I congratulate you because watching them play got me very excited. It shows that they are training very hard". Mike Lapidoth, partner of Rugby Without Borders.

"They entered the field convinced and so we have to face life. It does not matter who is in front, if it is Virreyes or the Jaguares. In life, if we are alone, we are not going anywhere and, just like on the field, we have to see what we can do to help those next to us". Martín Vivot, Rugby Without Borders partner.

"Let this be a starting point to get some needed inspiration, motivate each other, return to Formosa and continue working in your club and in your community". Juan Chadarevian, staff member of Rugby Without Borders.

"Many people follows you in silence and they are watching you, so you are not alone, you have a human potential, you do not insult, you respect the referee. That is very important. Keep going that. There are many people who will follow you". Anselmo Saenz Valiente, volunteer photographer Rugby Without Borders.

An example that inspires
In their visit to Buenos Aires, the boys from Qompi Rugby not only stood out for their level of play and sacrifice, but also left a wonderful example when ordering the installations of the Ce.Na.De and cleaning the lockers and the field vicinity, which they did together with the guys from the Virreyes Rugby Club.
In the third half, "Rafa", the captain, gave a jersey, on behalf of the whole team, to the captain of the Virreyes team:
"I want to thank you for the jersety that the boys of Qompi gave us and something we learned is that when we started, the club was very small and we had no idea how to play rugby and yet all the clubs welcomed us with their doors open so that we could grow and learn to play this sport. That is why we are willing to open the doors to all the clubs that want to come and play at Virreyes, because that is what makes our club, Rugby and Rugby Without Borders all great" finished the young captain of the local team.
For his part, and on behalf of Rugby Without Borders, María José Maestu, highlighted the profound value of teamwork and thanked Marcos Julianes, president of Virreyes, the love with which we were received and considered the possibility of a new meeting but in Formosa.
We want to thank the accompaniment of partners and friends and especially the peace veteran Alejandro Diego who shared a very interesting dialogue with the guys who were very excited with their story of reunion and overcoming and also, to our great friend Víctor Fernandez Juvé of the signature Lions XV that made and donated the clothing of the whole team and played an incredible game. The guys from Qompi will be waiting for him in Formosa to wear that jersey again which represents so much for this great family of Rugby Without Borders and Qompi Rugby.

The next challenge
On Sunday and after sharing a barbecue with the whole team, we made a circle embracing each other where the kids shared all their emotions, and with an open heart, they gave us part of their culture by speaking to us in Qom, their native language, and they told us the meaning of the colors that represent them: "the yellow color represents dawn and the sun. The red, our blood and the black color, represents our skin. Those colors represent our culture, the hunting of fishing and what nature offers us and we transmit this knowledge from generation to generation, we are proud to wear these colors", said Rana who also expressed, "the achievement we made is superb. I had this dream and I fulfilled it and I leave very happy. I will never forget this whole experience. We knew places that I had seen only in photos. Thanks to the entire team for giving your best effort, and for the transparency that we demonstrated, collaborating side by side, without disrespect ... simply thank you ... "ñanchek" .
"We take a bag full of commitment and joy. Let's start to collect more great moments like this one, now we have godmothers and godparents who with us. A big hug to all of you, we leave but our hearts are with you" said Hilario, president of Qompi Rugby.
For her part, the president of Rugby Without Borders highlighted the order, respect and behavior of the entire team and stressed that "the most important thing of this trip was to strengthen our ties and that you know that you can count on us dearly. We already know how they play, we now have to focus on their families and the team, so we can support the extraordinary game they have".
Finally, and in pursuit of everything that is coming, Juan Bautista Segonds said, "I fell in love with your nobility, your look, your identity and that you speak on the pitch in your language. You have no idea how much you teach us. The meeting point we have today is rugby and the next challenge is to have your own club, where you will speak in your language, study, work and decorate by yourself. Let their home be where they will host us as brothers. You already have the spirit and attitude for this game, now we must take another step and we will do it together".

Translator: Guillermo Auad